Criticism Versus Self-Improvement

"Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others."

-- Thomas Jefferson

Damn it's fun to criticize other people! And it's not like they don't deserve it. The problem is that no matter how good it makes your ego feel, criticizing others is a total waste of your time. Rarely do people willingly and joyfully accept your criticism, and even less rarely do they actually change as a result of it.

Self-improvement, on the other hand, always pays dividends. No matter what the world does, no matter what other people do, you will more empowered to face the future if you practice self-improvement today.

What does that look like? It may mean going for a run rather than sitting in the coffee shop gossiping, or meditating instead of watching some inane show on TV, or developing a new skill instead of buying more useless crap from China at the mall. Self-improvement is anything that
expands your choices, skills, and consciousness. It is your way to become more fully you.

And others? They're really none of your business. Their shortcomings will never be remedied by your criticism but only through their own efforts at self-improvement. You can encourage them to do so, but don't let your so-called encouragement be merely criticism in drag. Focus upon yourself, and you'll be amazed how other people magically improve as well, whether they actually change or not!

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